Brief Introduction to the Life Of: Katja Marr Aidan Tobias
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Brief Introduction to the Life Of: Katja Marr


With a name like Katja Marr, it's obvious you're going somewhere with bright lights and you're doing it right! So right that she protects her work digitally, giving it the credit and professionalism it deserves. Katja Marr is a photographer with the cheeky sass any young creative who takes themselves seriously should possess. 


Age: 19

City of Birth: Cape Town

Profession: Boring daytime job by week, freelance photographer by weekend. Like a superhero? I don't save lives.

Self-definition: A girl who has a thirst for a creative outlet all day long - I'm obsessed with capturing beauty in every form. I especially like human beauty, my main subject, but I'm really a cat person. I think I'm here to give people something nice to look at. At the end of the day that's my mission. I'll keep chasing beauty and showing everyone (whether they like it or not). 

Worst quality: My internet addiction.

Best quality: Is this a job interview?

What you like about your work: I actually think it's a little selfish, because in my ideal life I'd get to stare at and create pretty things all day, which is self serving. I also love collaborating with people, especially my stylists, because, let's be real, they taught me how to dress well. Altogether I'd say I like being able to make a concept come to life and to tell a story with it. Imagination is the most fun.

Self-proclaimed fame maker: I guess there have been a few projects that stood out. First being a shoot I did with Boss model Bee Beardsworth, which was an edgy-looking shoot styled by my good friend Quaid Heneke. Between 10 and 5 did a feature on it. I think they've featured me a lot, including me in the Orms New B+W Photography exhibition last year. In all honestly though it's my friends who make an effort to talk about my work to others and I owe them all a lot too.

2014 projects: I'm looking to shoot with more male models and do some more studio work. I have so many new ideas to focus on. But I really can't give anything away because it's all top secret; I only tell my tumblr followers.

Inspiration: I get inspired by the things I see. It could be a modern building or a picture of a jungle I find online. So I guess that's daily? Sadly I'm very forgetful, so I keep diaries.

One person in the world to work with: Cara Delevigne, so we could become besties, or more! But I'd also be Annie Leibovitz's slave for eternity.

Heart or brain: Isn't it obvious enough... 


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