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Theatre Feels: The Swell Featured

Theatre Feels aim to convey experience. They hint at subjective, embodied reactions to works that are felt rather than theorised, and are framed as perceptive reactions rather than reviews. The hope is that this won’t dissolve any of the magic you could encounter, or superimpose dots for you to follow.


"Your dimensions are of very little interest to me unless they concern this missing tail"

I couldn’t sleep last night. 

I was suspended in something large and blue, a fluid mental picture that made me gently aware of my body: its substance. Aware of fear, of weight. Of water. Of orifices and imaginaries. 

It is rare to feel buoyed after witnessing something tragic. And Genna Gardini’s latest dark comedy cut into my chest like sharpened whale bones, moments after it opened my throat with laughter. It holds some frightening things, suggestions so hurtful that they would trip up words attempting to describe them. But the edges of the story calmed me in an elemental way, with hints of magical realism that were conveyed only a little too subtly at the climax. 

Still partly submerged in the twists and mer-tales so candidly acted by Zanne Solomon and Shaun Acker I couldn’t shun from my mind the tube-shaped blow-up pool, from which floated a large, orange, helium-filled fish. Around it Shaun Acker’s character, a hesitant, shifty visitor tried to balance his stern black file on an obstinately precarious pilates ball. He was the perfect foil for a woman whose sharp tongue and expressive face and body struck out with acute feeling from her fluid refuge. 

For a long time afterward my mind whirred like the spinning globe perched on Howard Falls’ fingertip, holding fleetingly onto suggestions of time, substance, self. Time, substance, self. Time, substance, self. 

Time. Substance. Self. 


The Swell 

Featuring Zanne Solomon and Shaun Acker 

Directed and Designed by Gary Hartley 

Written by Genna Gardini 


Shows 24th November – 6th December at the Alexander Bar 


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